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We help agencies improve the candidate/client experience they provide by measuring the entire hiring process, including how hiring managers perform as well.

With Employee Feedback and Performance Reviews (coming April 2024), we align rich data sets that provide the deepest level of insights to help our clients improve and grow.

The Ultimate Candidate Feedback Tool

Designed To Listen

Specific feedback, differentiated by work-type and aligned to each individual consultant for every stage of the hiring process. Feedback has never sounded so good.

Automated and integrated with your ATS. Plug & Play in minutes.

Remove the blind spots in the hiring process & improve outcomes.

Develop your staff faster with targeted training using qualitative & quantitative analysis.

Multi-language capability allowing every agency, everywhere to collect vital feedback

The Ultimate Client Feedback Tool

Built For Relationships

Data driven reports and tools to help you strengthen relationships with clients, win more new business faster and exclusively more often.

Full transparency of every client review allowing for greater understanding & transparency.

Story & Moments insights to get deeper into key aspects of pitch vs reality.

Unique Insights into the performance of hiring managers in interviews allowing you to improve outcomes.

Monestise your data with clients by providing unparalleled market intelligence.

The Ultimate New Business tool

Designed For Growth

Reports that aggregate your data at an agency/team or individual level and with one click of a button allows you to download any report to then be used with your targeted prospects.

Story & Moments reports that delve deeper into the data collected throughout the hiring process and highlights a Pitch vs Reality Story of specific data.

Aggregated reports that allow you to showcase feedback from your candidates and clients as well as the ability to benchmark.

Data to help you win new business faster and exclusively, more often.

Data to help you attract more candidates by using real insights.

The Ultimate Recruitment Insights Tool

Built For Recruitment

Unique insights into the hiring process allowing you to better understand your business, candidates and clients.

Benchmark your agency, teams or consultants against yourself or the industry.

Global platform so you can see every country, state, office, team and consultant from one account.

Built for purpose to help you understand and grow your business.

Move from "we think" to Data driven recruitment.

Recruiter Insider has enabled us to benchmark ourselves against industry competitors, allowing us to more clearly see whether we are delivering on the promises we make to our customers

We have had a number of PSA wins recently where part of our presentation & pitch has included insights & data collected through RI. This has been implemented quite recently and has been very well received by clients, allowing them to see evidence of how we represent their brand with potential candidates.
Stella Petrou Concha

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