Talent Quarter & Recruiter Insider

15 months on Recruiter Insider, 30 consultants, 600+ reviews, 315 testimonials, 57 referral placements

What made you decide to partner with R.I. in the beginning?

Recruiter Insider provides a platform for us to measure the experience we provide to our candidates and clients but more importantly provides data and insights that allow us to improve experience, drive performance, refine individuals’ skills and partner with our clients to help them deliver a superior employer engagement from their first interaction.

RI offers a safe place for feedback to be shared and insights formed.

Have you seen a change in your consultants since R.I. was implemented?

Yes - our consultants are energised to see what insights and feedback has been received and to look at ways they can turn the data into useful insights for their clients. Seeing the feedback gives them a boost on the value they are adding and experience they have delivered. It empowers our consultants to use the data and insights to provide more value to their clients and candidates.

How do you use the data internally?

We use the data from RI to focus on skills improvement and experience improvement. Whilst it’s wonderful to receive feedback and insights, we recognise there is such a critical opportunity to use the data and enable our consultants to focus their energy and knowledge and to help elevate their “consulting” expertise to deliver more value add for our clients.

How do you use the data externally?

RI data provides exceptional candidate insights into the impression, experience and reaction to the journey, relationships, and placements they are progressing through. It enables us to dive deeper into impact areas for our clients. Positive and negative it enables us to bring greater / quantified data to our clients to help them achieve their goals, shape their recruitment strategy, and provide greater focus on growth areas to improve their success, employer brand and engagement.

How have your consultants taken to the platform?

Our consultants are really engaged with RI. The insights they receive has empowered them to elevate the experience they deliver.

Do you have any recent success stories of how the data has impacted your business?

RI data has provided us with the ability to see where we achieve greater revenue growth through our candidates. It provided insights into challenges being faced during our experience and has enabled us to focus on improving our communications and connectivity through systems. We have also used the data to focus in on trends we are seeing with clients and allowed us to better focus .


We joined Recruiter Insider in February 2020 to help us gain a better insight into how our candidates and clients felt about our service. That feedback has proved to be invaluable

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Firesoft People

Recruiter Insider has been an amazing platform that has ensured that we are continually measuring and improving our customer service levels for both our clients and candidates.

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Quay Appointments

Once I saw the demo of the system it was a no brainer. It was super easy to implement with Bullhorn and everything is automated. It was seamless to partner with Justin and the R.I. team.

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REO Group

Recruiter Insider has been the step change for us in becoming more customer-centric. We value the customer journey and R.I. provided us the platform to listen to the customer every step of the way. We have been measuring our performance since R.I. hit the shelves last year and we love the platform. It provides us with the mirror to reflect and grow.

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