REO Group & Recruiter Insider

4 Years as clients of R.I. , 2,000+ reviews, 600+ testimonials, 16 consultants. Annual Service Excellence Award Winners!

What made you decide to partner with R.I. in the beginning?

Unlike an NPS platforms which only captures one point of the process of recruitment, and only generally with people who have had success in their application, Recruiter Insider allows us to capture multiple review points at specific touch points within our process. These reviews are not only with people who are offered the job, but also those who have not been successful. It means we receive feedback on our service end to end, allowing us to improve in areas where our scores indicate we need to focus. NPS wouldn’t tell us specifically where service is dropping in quality, whereas RI gives us visibility across the entire recruitment journey so we can identify which areas we might need to work on.

What impact has it had on your business over the years?

Recruiter Insider has enabled us to benchmark ourselves against industry competitors, allowing us to more clearly see whether we are delivering on the promises we make to our customers. It has allowed us to formally recognise staff when they are providing exceptional service and to provide training when we identify gaps. In addition to benchmarking and performance measures, it also allows us to provide evidence to prospective clients, and reviews to existing clients, on how we represent their brand in the market. Our marketing team use metrics across social media, our website and in a range of other marketing activity to lend credibility to our brand and the level of service we deliver.

Have you seen a change in your consultants since R.I. was implemented?

Yes. Change has come from more focused training, relating to areas in which we are not performing as strongly. This training has driven improved results in the overall standard of service to clients. It has also provided our team with evidence that they can take to client meetings to demonstrate the level of feedback we are receiving from client and candidates, making it easier to further build relationships and win new business.

How have your consultants taken to the platform?

NPS doesn’t provide the level of detail required to pinpoint exactly what areas a consultant needs to focus on. Successful people are constantly looking for ways in which they can improve, this platform provides the information needed to do that.

How do you use the data internally?

In our first, company-wide meeting for the week we share results and testimonials and reflect on what the individual did to deliver these results. Learnings are shared across the team. RI results are also woven into weekly one-to-one meetings and leaders work with their teams to help them further improve client and candidate service in the specific areas they need to target.  The data also helps us evaluate our clients. Have they provided adequate clarity in the job description, have they been clear in presenting their company culture, the future career paths that are available to the role? Are the critical criteria for the role clear? If the feedback is that the candidate is not receiving this information in a client interview, then we are able to push back on the client to ask for clearer information or provide training to the client to assist them in improving in this area.

How do you use the data externally?

Externally we use metrics from the RI platform on LinkedIn and other social media, across a range of marketing material, in client presentations, informally at client meetings and more formally in QBR client meetings. The downloadable pdfs, showing metrics for specific clients, are really useful to our consultants and they will share this information in meetings regularly.

Do you have any recent success stories of how the data has impacted your business?

We have had a number of PSA wins recently where part of our presentation & pitch has included insights & data collected through RI. This has been implemented quite recently and has been very well received by clients, allowing them to see evidence of how we represent their brand with potential candidates. We work in partnership with our clients & we also provide them with insights into how the candidates have rated their hiring managers throughout the process. It gives us all a 360 degree view of how we are performing together to get the best results. We recently won awards for our scores across the platform, which provided our consultants and our wider business with industry recognition. This recognition has a positive impact on internal morale, something that can be undervalued at times. The real value in these awards lies in the fact that they are based on judgement from clients and candidates, a unique form of recognition in our industry and the best form of feedback.


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