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3+ years on Recruiter Insider, 17 consultants, 1,200+ reviews, 400+ testimonials

What made you decide to partner with R.I. in the beginning?

In an industry where we have hundreds of interactions with many clients on the daily, we were eager to find a way to measure their satisfaction and experience. Client & candidate experience is at the cornerstone of everything we do, and Recruiter Insider was able to provide us with the platform to measure just that.

What impact has it had on your business over the years?

Recruiter Insider has been an amazing platform that has ensured that we are continually measuring and improving our customer service levels for both our clients and candidates. It provides an industry benchmark that we strive to achieve in every stage and interaction throughout our recruitment process. We have seen a remarkable increase in our customer satisfaction levels since uptaking the platform. Recruiter Insider has also empowered our team to continually review their processes and ensure that they are achieving their goals. We have transparency in every client and candidate interaction, with heightened levels of awareness we are able to gauge where we can improve at a business level as well as on a more granular level with our recruitment consultants.

How have your consultants taken to the platform?

We’re excited to be using the Recruiter Insider tool, our consultants feel very honoured and rewarded when our company is able to share their amazing feedback amongst the team and on our company social media accounts. It feels nice for the consultants to feel noticed and recognised and also give them the opportunity to highlight their good work to prospective clients and candidates. The consultants appreciate that they are able to use the Recruiter Insider survey questions to guide them through the process and ensure that they have covered off every part of the process. It helps them also be aware of where to make adjustments if necessary. Overall, our consultants love the guidance, recognition and feedback that Recruiter Insider puts at their fingertips.

Have you seen a change in your consultants since R.I. was implemented?

Our consultants are fully aware that their clients and candidates rate their performance and therefore strive to ensure that they are continually providing excellent service and a positive experience at every interaction. Our consultants are very eager to win the prestigious Recruiter Insider quarterly recruitment awards that are measured against all the other recruiters using the Recruiter Insider tool. Recruiter Insider is an extra reference point for consultants to be able to reference how they are going and where they can improve and then proactively make adjustments where necessary.

How do you use the data internally?

Data is at the heart of our organisation and Recruiter Insider provides us with the information we need to be truly data-driven when making decisions based on our customer satisfaction and experience. We are able to quickly identify areas for improvement and similarly leverage areas for competitive advantage

How do you use the data externally?

We actively market our relationship and results from Recruiter Insider in all of our marketing collateral. Our high results are a testament to the amazing customer service that we provide to our clients and candidates and we actively share that information to attract new business. Testimonials are a wonderful way to show concrete evidence of the service we provide and the experiences of those who have worked with us.   We also love that we are able to give back to our clients, to help them improve their own skills and processes; we do this by running through the feedback about them on Recruiter Insider.

Do you have any recent success stories of how the data has impacted your business?

Most recently, we were able to present to a prospective client our consistently high scores across the board. They were impressed with the results and how we were able to measure both the experience their candidates have with our consultants as well as being able to receive feedback about their own hiring practices. We are extremely happy with the change that Recruiter Insider has bought to our overall organisation. We have a culture that ensures that our customer experience is second to none.


We joined Recruiter Insider in February 2020 to help us gain a better insight into how our candidates and clients felt about our service. That feedback has proved to be invaluable

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Recruiter Insider has been an amazing platform that has ensured that we are continually measuring and improving our customer service levels for both our clients and candidates.

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Once I saw the demo of the system it was a no brainer. It was super easy to implement with Bullhorn and everything is automated. It was seamless to partner with Justin and the R.I. team.

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Recruiter Insider has been the step change for us in becoming more customer-centric. We value the customer journey and R.I. provided us the platform to listen to the customer every step of the way. We have been measuring our performance since R.I. hit the shelves last year and we love the platform. It provides us with the mirror to reflect and grow.

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