Our clients have a distinct advantage in providing the best candidate experience and a deeper understanding on how to improve it.


Data at your fingertips

Recruiter Insider is managed from a simple, visual dashboard requiring no configuration or technical administration skills.


All results are automatically collated and measured, providing you with immediate insights and benchmarking results, both within your business & to the industry. 

Shine a light on your blind spots

With rich customer data insights and people analytics, we help you better understand the intricacies of your hiring process as seen by your candidates and stakeholders.


With over 200 recruitment and sentiment metrics, you'll know more than you ever thought possible.

Capability Improvement

 Traditional methods of collecting candidate feedback only let you know whether they would recommend you or not.  


With Recruiter Insider not only are you shown what areas need improvement, but specifically who needs to improve, what part of the process they need support on and how much training and development they require.

Real Time, actionable insights, allowing you to remove the "gut feel" and action whats real.

Live your values

What people say about you is of greater value than your own perceptions.


Align the most predominant words from your testimonials to your internal values, redefine your USP based on what people say about you and see how well you walk the walk.


Automatic collection of testimonials from candidates and hiring managers are a great way to share good news with the team.

With a click of a button, publish any testimonial to your website using our customisable widget and you can also share your success with everyone.

Candidate Referrals

Provide an exceptional candidate experience and be rewarded with a quality candidate you can place and generate more revenue!

Have your clients recommend someone within their own business or elsewhere and help drive new business revenue!

Super simple integration

We integrate with the industry-leading ATS platforms for agencies and companies. 


Implementation with Recruiter Insider is super quick and simple.


All of your feedback is gathered without any additional effort by your team.

Simply go about your business and analyse the data!



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