• Justin Hillier

The true testimonial of an exceptional client experience

Value and trust, two of the hardest measures any recruitment agency is judged against when working with their customers. Not only are agencies battling a perception issue of being professional, but they also have to justify their worth on every engagement with the belief that their fees don’t justify the means.

First and foremost, the perception of a lack of professionalism we can very much quash here and now!. From over 4,000 testimonials that Recruiter Insider has collected over the last 12 months, the top 3 words mentioned, in exact order are:

  1. Very

  2. Professional

  3. Process

For an industry that has been battling a negative perception issue for a long time, this feedback and insights are undeniable. I actually had this analysis checked multiple times, such was my own skepticism. The agencies being measured by Recruiter Insider, certainly seem to have the secret sauce to this historical negative view.

With such positive sentiment, it stands to reason that collecting a testimonial from a client would be much easier. A client testimonial is the Holy Grail for any business, and with such strong sentiment, the data tells an interesting story.

A review given between 65-80 (out of 100) will yield you a review 23% of the time. This, on Recruiter Insider at least, is an average score, is still an impressive conversion regardless. This doesn't move much more up to a score of 95, clearly, clients are proving they are quite hard to please.

What’s interesting though, is by providing an exceptional service, the opportunity differential skyrockets to a 199% better chance of a client testimonial! Even with a great experience, you would see a 153% better conversion rate than that of a score between 65-95.

Of those at the lower end of the scale, constructive feedback comes back 29% of the time, allowing you to hopefully fix any issues and maintain a relationship for future business.

Agencies looking to differentiate in the market, show that they are the better option, with the hope they don’t get asked for a reference from an existing client is simply just playing the game the hard way.

There can be no denying that when it comes to providing an exceptional client service, there can be no shortcuts, no grey areas, and no doubt, that when done right and providing a “very professional process”, you will reap the rewards, enabling you to leverage testimonials to win even more new business.



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