• Justin Hillier

Recruiter Insider launches in NZ with Farrow Jamieson

We are proud to announce today that we have successfully launched in NZ with leading Executive Search & Recruitment firm, Farrow Jamieson.

We are very excited to be working with the Farrow Jamieson team, specifically Iain MacG

ibbon and David Ireland, who have shown not only a great passion for improving their business via technology, but also a belief in the Recruiter Insider platform. As a Jobadder customer, setup was also incredibly simple, taking only 14 minutes.

Working with recruitment leaders like Iain is an absolute pleasure. His understanding of the candidate experience and it's importance in the recruitment process chain is exactly what our industry needs more of. Along with David and his passion to take the business forward in a more efficient and effective manner through technology, we are very much looking forward to helping drive performance improvement, business improvement and improving the candidate experience in partnership with Farrow Jamieson.

Iain shared with us that "LinkedIn recently awarded Farrow Jamieson the No 1 Socially engaged Mid-sized agency in New Zealand, in recognition of their ability to engage with candidates. The appointment of Recruiter Insider is further evidence of Farrow Jamieson’s commitment to improving the candidate and client experience".

With Farrow Jamieson on board in NZ, this brings to total, 21 countries where Recruiter Insider has users based.

Integrated with Jobadder and Bullhorn, Recruiter Insider provides agencies with greater insights to their candidate experience and client service sentiment, allowing for performance improvement each consultant.



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