• Justin Hillier

Major milstone!

We have just reached 5,000 reviews, which in our world, equates to over 25,000+ data points.  That's a lot of data from candidates and clients in our short 7 months of being Live. We have learnt a great deal in that time and have seen so much improvement in the approach, feedback and skills of consultants that has directly impacted outcomes.

Here are the Top 5 things we have learnt so far:

  1. The candidate experience matters more now than ever before!  It must be measured, not just of those who you place, but all candidates who move through an interview process, it must be relevant and it must form part of your business improvement strategy. It is a competitive market and the best way to stand out is to provide a great experience. By doing so you can place more candidates, improve skill sets of consultants, have a happier work place, win more new business and improve the bottom line. With candidates applying to your competitors and directly, how are you going to stand out?

  2. The basics matter, communication, setting expectations and transparency.

  3. Data is the critical element of the whole equation, we've all heard you can't manage what you don't measure and this is never more truer than now. Many agencies/consultants still are not using their recruitment systems well enough or at all, taking short-cuts on admin and not accurately entering data or not entering it at all.  How can you honestly expect to remember everything, know where each candidate is in the process or report with clarity if your data is sub-par.  

  4. Those who do it best (data), are indeed the most successful.  If you want that promotion, want to earn more money, want to be better at what you do, get your data up to scratch. Those on Recruiter Insider with the best results are also those who are also the most diligent when it comes to data. They do the basics best, provide a great experience, collect the most feedback and yes, they bill the most!

  5. Sentiment data, from candidates and clients, when collected in a timely and relevant manner, can improve the candidate experience and the skills of your consultants. We have seen vast improvements of individual consultants and agencies in short time frames by simply putting the candidate at the centre of their universe and ensuring they understand, measure and act on the feedback collected (by Recruiter Insider of course). Forget the old school KPI's, they are history! Don't measure your consultants success on how many interviews, meetings or calls they make. Quantity has never equalled quality. Quality experiences should be your No.1 measure!

There are many many more insights I could share but these 5 certainly stand out.

Purpose built for recruitment agencies, our platform is also integrated with Jobadder and Bullhorn allowing for all of the above to be implemented and up and running incredibly fast.

We will be at the RCSA conference in Noosa this week (Stand 11), so if you are attending come say hello and we can share with you exactly how our solution works.

I can also always be reached via email on jhillier@recruiterinsider.com.au or mobile 0488 208 248.



Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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