• Justin Hillier

Lotus People joins Recruiter Insider

Winners are grinners as they say, and it would be easy for anyone after a big win to sit back and continue as you have done, but the truly great ones are those that are continuously looking for ways to improve, regardless of the number of trophies in the cabinet or accolades they receive, they still search for the additional edge to raising the bar.

With Lotus People recently winning the Recruiter of the Year award at Recruitment Intl. awards night in April, we are proud to announce that they have chosen to continue to drive their experience and performance improvement by partnering with Recruiter Insider.

There is no shortcut to service excellence and Lotus People, led by Sinead Connolly, have recognised that to continue to remain at the top, you must continue to develop and improve.  Developing a great experience for clients and candidates is an evolving and challenging process and something that Sinead and the team at Lotus are passionate about.

Sinead shared with us recently the following statement - "The reason I set up Lotus was to create a superior experience for candidates and clients – service is at the heart of everything we do and I have created a culture where our team prioritise how they treat people above all else. We have been tracking surveys for a few years but it has been time consuming and clunky. We’re excited about the prospect of using Recruiter Insider to streamline this process to ensure that we are continuing to stand out from the crowd and providing an exceptional experience to both candidates and clients".

We look forward to helping Lotus People continue their success into the future and who knows, maybe even win more awards!!



Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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