• Justin Hillier

Feedback Myths BUSTED!


Over the last 7 months, Recruiter Insider has collated and measured feedback from candidates and clients and have now busted many myths that exist around feedback collection.  With over 5,000 reviews and 30,000+ data points, Justin Hillier, CEO of Recruiter Insider, says that the belief that only those who are disgruntled will provide feedback is totally inaccurate.  In fact, those that exist in the middle to high range are providing the most useful data for agencies to improve their consultant's skills and the candidate experience directly.

The most compelling and myth-busting statistic we have seen so far is that only 7.5% of candidates report a poor experience, whilst 52% of reviews sit in the middle to high range.  This key data set is the greatest opportunity for agencies and consultants to focus on improving the experience they provide candidates and their own individual skills.  Additionally, nearly 1 in 5 reported poor experiences wanted to discuss the situation with a manager, further allowing for a greater learning and development opportunity for the agency and consultant.

Our data demonstrates that candidates are overwhelmingly willing to provide feedback, highlighted by increasing response rates throughout the hiring process.   All of this presents recruiters with an incredible opportunity to improve the candidate experience and their own individual skills.

To learn more about how Recruiter Insider can help your teams professional development and improve the candidate experience, contact Justin Hillier on 0488 208 248 or jhillier@recruiterinsider.com.au



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