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Are you in control of the FULL candidate experience?

Updated: Mar 3

We live in an experience economy and more and more, agencies are focusing on the experience they provide to candidates and clients, not only to know what to improve, but to protect their own investment and brand reputation.

There has been a glaring gap though when candidates are sent to clients for interview, that touch, feel and transparency simply disappears. Sure, calls happen, information is shared, but what is held back? Are candidates 100% honest, are clients providing an experience that is worthy of their brand and helps the candidate further decide on their interest in the company and role?

When a 3rd party gets involved, it’s only natural that you lose some control and insight. The experience you provided is now in the hands of a 3rd party and you are flying blind.  Sound familiar?

Recently, Recruiter Insider released a feature that collects insights into the candidate experience your clients provide at interview. This precious stage of the process is crucial to the final outcome. First impressions count, and now the candidate you have built a relationship with, is in the hands of others whilst you sit and wait.

The results from feedback across 141 companies across January and February, provides an important reminder to everyone, that detail, intangibles and personalisation matter in our experience economy world.

Everyone is looking for the right culture fit, you as a recruiter to find the right candidate, the company to ensure an engaged workplace and the candidate themselves to ensure overall happiness and positivity in their work life. Yet results showed that candidates don’t feel companies are sharing with them “just how they will fit in” (85.63/100). This feedback was the second worst-performing point of feedback, which is scary when you consider everyone has this at the top or near top of their wish list.

The worst performing though is probably the scariest of all. The interview process for all parties is a large flirting exercise, we all want to show our best, be our nicest and woo the other side. Candidates and hiring companies both have options, other candidates, other jobs, so what makes each special and unique. What benefits are there if they choose you?

Candidates certainly aren’t feeling that the benefits (84.54) being described during the interview are being delivered well at all. This result was a staggering 7.3% lower then the most positive data point of simply showing interest in the candidate (91.84). This correlation is mind-blowing given that if a company is genuinely interested in the candidate, logic says you put all your cards on the table to woo them!

Fairing better, was the feeling that the interviewer was prepared for the interview itself (90.68), a contradiction when you consider that key details aren’t being shared well enough on their culture match. In contrast to the lack of culture insights, the role itself is being detailed (90.44) to a level that at least has the candidate leaving with some idea of what the job is. A small win, but not overwhelming.

These insights remind us that everyone, at all points of the hiring process, are responsible for the candidate experience. Hirers have perhaps an even greater responsibility to lift their game when interviewing candidates via agencies, an expectation and experience already in play.

Importantly, agencies need to ensure they have more direct influence, insight and control over the experience their clients provide and add value with insights, expertise and quantifiable data. If you truly want to partner, consult, build trust and a deeper relationship with your clients, why would you do anything less?



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