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Adding more value to your clients

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Recruitment is tough, finding the right talent, at the right time, with the right skills and the right "fit" for your client is far from an easy task. It takes skill, it takes time and also a bit of luck. If all of that is not hard enough, hiring companies are always looking for justification for agency fees and the value added by a recruiter to the securing of talent.

Agencies are constantly looking for ways to justify the value they add, whether this is by offering more services, more transparency simply around the process or including their clients in events and awareness to raise the profile of their opportunity to attract talent.

There is a gap though, a large one, that has been completely overlooked by most, that will provide more value to your clients than perhaps anything else you are doing now or plan to do moving forward. Data! The largest gap of transparency, value and partnering with your clients is sharing data that provides insights into the hiring process from all angles.

But what data is important? Many agencies are collecting candidate feedback as to the service they themselves provide, but what about the experience that the same candidate has with the hiring company?

Having spoken to hundreds of agencies and being a former recruiter myself, 99% of agencies actually collect this data already, however very few realise it, very few collate it and none are using it!

If you want to add further value to your clients, data is your best opportunity. If you want to change the conversation, you need to change what you are doing!

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